Request to parents

  • Request to parents – The School Almanac is an effective medium of communication between parents and teacher:
  • Please send the Almanac with the child daily.
  •  Please fill up the student record as well as the parents detail in the space provided for in the School Almanac.
  •  Please check and sign messages from the teacher daily.
  •  Please fill the absence record in the school almanac when the child abstains from the school.
  •  Parents are requested to co-operate with the school committee in ensuring punctuality of their ward.
  •  Please ensure that your child comes to school in proper and neat dress.
  •  The child’s name should be written on all belongings. Do not allow your child to bring costly/ dangerous items to the school. The school will not be responsible for any lost articles.
  •  Parents are requested to meet the concerned teachers in regard to progress of their child when required by the teacher.
  •  Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the timings given by the school for the COFFEE TALK.
  •  Parents are requested to notify any changes made in the address and telephone numbers to the school authorities.
  •  Parents are allowed into the school only with prior appointment during school hours. This is to ensure safety of the children and prevent strangers from walking into the school premises.
  •  Last Sunday of every English month is a holiday for the students but the school remains open for administrative works.

We create an interactive relationship between home and school by seeking active participation of the parents.